Q: What is BPNG?
A: Bio Pharma Networking Group (BPNG) is a not-for-profit, all-inclusive life and health science professionals community that actively promotes the "real power" of networking.

Q: Who does BPNG serve?
A: We serve various disciplines and corporate cultures across the industry that values key relationship building at all stages of careers.

Q: Who should join?
A: BPNG prides itself on a diverse network of Life and Health Science professionals. Often our attendees include individuals such as Industry Executives, Investors, Lawyers, Product Managers, Research Scientists, and Sales and  Marketing Executives.

Q: What can I expect from BPNG?
A: BPNG encourages a crossover effect for valuable lead and resource sharing at our casual monthly events where people can exchange information, trends and ideas. Our goal is to support, serve and educate life and health sciences professionals through the "real power" of networking.

Q: What does BPNG do?
A: Our 5 regional chapters – NCNJ, NY, PA and MA host monthly events that allow for face-to-face engagement; cultivating new and/or existing valuable connections with other Life and Health Science professionals. Our ongoing means of staying connected is centered in our BPNG LinkedIn Group presence.

Q: What is the cost?
A: BPNG monthly networking events are free of charge. Most events take place in a public food establishment with a cash bar where the group is given private space to host membership.

Q: When do events meet and where?
A: Each regional group determines a monthly schedule but all meetings are held on a Tuesday evenings between the hours of 6pm - 9pm. Locations will vary by region but you can visit the BPNG Events tab for the exact meeting place for NCNJ, NY, PA and MA chapters.

Q: Where can I get more information on Sponsoring an event or being a Speaker at an event?
A: It is simple, to obtain details on Sponsoring or Speaking at an event, contact us at: biopharmanetworkinggroup@gmail.com and a regional steering committee member will get back to you.

Q: Who is the leadership team?
A: BPNG is comprised of an all-volunteer professional group. The group is headed by a founding team and supported by Steering Committee members at the chapter level. Established in 2012, BPNG has grown its membership by over 500%.

Q: How can I join?
A: As a LinkedIn professional you can find us on LinkedIn Groups by searching under NCBPNGNJBPNG, NYBPNG, PABPNGMABPNG and NCBPNG. Or contact us at: www.biopharmanetworkinggroup@gmail.com.

Q: How can I become involved on a regional steering committee?
A: Please make sure you attend a local meeting, introduce yourself to the welcoming team to obtain more details.